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which one is correct? The calls went on and on. Meantime the number of visitors to Hickory Hill had grown and become a crowd. Morgenthau and his assistant slipped away and were succeeded by successive waves of friends, neighbors who wanted to be helpful, the press, and plain Nosy Parkers. Women reached the house first: Sue Markham, Marian White, Nancy Brown, Anne Chamberlin. Then the cars from downtown Washington turned in from Chain Bridge Road: Dean Markham, Justice White, Dave Hackett, Ed Guthman. A priest stopped in to ask whether he was needed. A lieutenant of the Fairfax County police drove up with twelve men, and Guthman quietly posted them in the bushes surrounding the yard, where they stumbled over newspaper photographers with telescopic lenses.】 does "stumble" here mean "strike one's foot against sth and almost fall", or "make a mistake as one speaks?
2013년 6월 16일 오전 2:27
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Neither... it means that they ran into the person, they met the photographer by mistake or not trying to meet him.
2013년 6월 16일
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