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does"Ethel's substitute" mean dean Markham? It was 2:40. The networks had just confirmed the President's death, and Ethel was due to leave on her daily car pool route. Little David Kennedy's school ended at 2:45. His older brothers and sister were to be picked up an hour later. Ethel wanted to remain at her husband's side and let others take her place, but he felt she should go. They were bound to have heard the news, he explained. They would be disturbed and would need their mother. In the end there was a compromise. Dean Markham met David in the family station wagon; Ethel went for the others. At David's parochial school—where the nuns refused to release him until Markham had produced his White House pass—Ethel's substitute became the first New Frontiersman to anticipate a facet of the assassination which was to give the next three days added poignancy. This had been an administration of young men, and it was small children who were to give the parents their cruelest moments.
Jun 16, 2013 7:30 AM
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Yes, instead of Ethel, Dean Markham went to pick up David.
June 16, 2013
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