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I don't understand this sentence. In the end there was a compromise. Dean Markham met David in the family station wagon; Ethel went for the others. At David's parochial school—where the nuns refused to release him until Markham had produced his White House pass—Ethel's substitute became the first New Frontiersman to anticipate a facet of the assassination which was to give the next three days added poignancy. This had been an administration of young men, and it was small children who were to give the parents their cruelest moments. 】 what does " to anticipate a facet of the assassination which was to give the next three days added poignancy"mean?
16 cze 2013 07:31
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to anticipate = to predict, to guess what was to happen a facet of = an element of the assassination = the plan to murder the political leader which was to give the next three days added poignancy= which made the next three days extra important, gave the next three days a new relevance. In summary, Ethel's substitute was the first person to realize there would be a specific element to the plan to kill (insert person to be assassinated) which would make the next three days particularly important. (presumably something would happen within the next three days enabling the success/failure of the assassination attempt which no one had noticed before)
16 czerwca 2013
Markham was the first to realize that explaining the assassination to young children, including the President's own young children, would be especially heart-rending and emotionally difficult. The public funeral would occur over the next three days, culminating with the body being brought by horse-drawn carriage from the White House to the cemetery. There is a very famous and poignant photo of the president's son saluting his father's casket as it passes.
16 czerwca 2013
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