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what does "seethed over the satchel"mean? The anxieties of General Maxwell Taylor were more immediate. Keeping his masklike expression in the Gold Room, riffling through German Proposals and NATO charts, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs had inwardly seethed over the satchel in Dallas. It was there, and it would be safe; he could count on the Signal Corps to put the bagman somewhere near the new Commander in Chief. That wasn't the problem. The difficulty was that Johnson had no idea of what was in the bag. He knew that it existed, but he hadn't been briefed about the contents, and if the thunderbolt of all-out war struck that afternoon, the country's retaliatory arsenal could be spiked until he had been led through Taz Shepard's primers for the first time.
2013年6月16日 15:07
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Brian's on the right track. The satchel is the briefcase that contains the classified military plans in the event of a nuclear war, including the codes for launching the US nuclear weapons.
"Seethe" means to be in a state of turmoil and/or anxiety. I'm guessing that some sort of military secret was contained in the "satchel" (bag), and in the aftermath of and subsequent turmoil following JFK's assassination, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was agitated/worried about LBJ's not knowing what to do with the contents of the bag.
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