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what does this sentence mean? Because of the Charlie blackout, and because the Signalmen who could operate the more complex equipment were all in the terminal restaurant (no one aboard remembered the UPI and AP teletype machines), Swindal had turned to the stateroom television set. Sergeant Ayres, George Thomas, and the two secretaries from Salinger's office, Chris Camp and Sue Vogel- singer, had joined him there. As the full dimensions of the tragedy emerged, the women had dissolved. Swindal had recoiled, and Ayres tinkered madly with the reception until he got what he later called "a real good picture." George Thomas had disappeared into Kennedy's bedroom. The President would have no use for the clothes he had laid out, so George had carefully repacked them.】 what does "tinkered madly with the reception until he got what he later called "a real good picture."mean? what didi he tinker madly with? what does "reception"here mean? what does "a real good picture"mean?
Jun 18, 2013 3:27 AM
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To tinker = to attempt to repair something, but it usually implies that the person doing the repairing might not actually know what they are doing but are willing to try and figure it out. I'm assuming he may have been 'tinkering' on the antenna to get a better signal. reception = the television signal (reception can also refer to telephones, particularly mobile/cell phones). he tinkered madly = suggests he was attempting to hurriedly and determinedly repair the t.v reception because he was eager to watch that particular program. a real good picture = refers to the quality of the visual on the television. I hope this helps :)
June 18, 2013
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