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How do we introduce people in Arabic? I know what to say and how to respond when I meet someone or when I am introduced to another person, but what is a polite way to introduce people to one another? In English, I would say for example: Jane, this is Fred or Jane, this is my friend/brother/cousin/father/uncle/husband etc, Fred. In a formal setting I would use surnames also. Would a direct translation be suitable? I'd appreciate some suggestions!!! Please give your responses in فصحى العربية. Thank you!!!
18 يونيو 2013 03:34
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You should say : hatha هذا Jane, hatha Fred or : hatha ṣadīqi (sadiiqi) Fred - This is my friend Fred Hatha akhi Adel - This is my brother Adel. For females we use : hāðihi ( hathihi) هذه Hathihi zamīlati Sarah. This is my colleague Sarah. You can say the full name too: Hatha sadiiqi Andrew Johnson. هذي is Fusha word too, it is used nowadays in some dialects, e.g. Saudi dialect. *العربية الفصحى
18 يونيو 2013
Hala Natalia. This was somehow my Arabic lesson today : ) So I will tell you from what I learnt. I think you want it in MSA but what I learnt is Saudi dialect however it is not much different from standard Arabic I think. Jane, Hatha ( هذا) Fred : Jane this is Fred - Hatha is male version to say this is Fred, hathi (هذي) Jane: Fred, this is Jane - Hathi is female version for this is Also; he هو (Huwah) she هي (Heyyah) So you can say: Jane, huwah Fred or Fred, heyyah Jane. Introducing your family members: for instance: hathi khalty (this is my aunt) :هذي خالتي to note here: khalty means my aunt and khala is aunt This is simply what I know so far.
18 يونيو 2013
Thank you everyone, you've been very helpful :)
19 يونيو 2013
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