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Weiyang Luo
about the definite article 1,"The tiger is my favorite animal." 2,"Tiger is my favorite animal." 3,"Tigers are my favorite animal." 4,"Tigers are my favorite animals." 5,"The tigers are my favorite animals." Could some one tell me which of the above sentences are right?And which don't refer to a generic meaning but specific tigers(Most of them should refer generally.)Thanks a lot.
18 jun 2013 11:58
Answers · 2
1. Correct, refers to the species, not a particular tiger. 2. Incorrect. (Note: "THAT tiger is my favorite animal" is correct, refers to specific tiger, as does "those tigers".) 3. Correct, refers to the generic species. It is implies that the sentence is: "Tigers are my favorite KIND OF animal." 4. Correct, refers to the species. 5. Correct if you are referring to a specific group of tigers. It would not refer to the species as a whole.
18 juni 2013
Weiyang Luo
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