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waht does "desirability" mean? the advantage of this trip? or is Johnson willing to join the trip? According to Johnson, he had not been consulted about the desirability of the expedition. His “first word from President Kennedy was that he was planning to make the trip. From this point, there was fairly intensive discussion of the details.” At first the Vice President was an enthusiastic advocate of fund-raising. Recently a Massachusetts banquet had raised $680,000 for the party. His pride in Texas had been challenged, and despite emphatic denials from the White House the rumor persisted that Kennedy would cut him from the '64 ticket. Johnson’s own radar had picked up a few alarming blips. Determined to prove that his popularity was still strong, he had proposed four Texas banquets where the faithful would demonstrate their loyalty to Kennedy and Johnson by emptying their pockets into next year's war chest.
18. Juni 2013 12:14
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desirability = how much something is wanted or desired
18. Juni 2013
According to Johnson, he had not been consulted about the whether the expedition would be a good thing, whether Johnson felt it would be worthwhile.
18. Juni 2013
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