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How to say the following words in Latin? How to say in Latin: Book Edit Stellar Freedom Write Manuscript Idiom Thanks for your help
2013년 6월 18일 오후 8:33
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Thanks Yekaterina, helped a lot :)
2013년 8월 22일
book - liber, librī (noun, masculine) edit - ēmendō, ēmendāre, ēmendāvī, ēmendātus (verb) This is the word in Latin with the closest meaning to "edit) Definitions: to free from faults, to correct, improve, amend / correcting, emending stellar - stellāris, stellāre (adjective) freedom - lībertās, lībertātis (noun, feminine) write - scrībō, scrībere, scrīpsī, scrīptus (verb) manuscript - caudex, caudicis / (cōdex, cōdicis) (noun, masculine) idiom - idiōma, idiōmātis (noun, neutral)
2013년 8월 20일
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