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as it is a football team. why "forgot?" what does the quarterback forgot? Telling the Deputy Attorney General was not necessary, but telling the new President was. What was required was someone with a gift for explaining the obvious. Actually, it wasn't as obvious as it appeared to be; a great many eminent attorneys, Robert Kennedy among them, were so shaken that they had forgotten where they could lay their hands on the oath. Reis's instincts were better than he knew. It may have been like pointing out to the Washington Redskins that they were entitled to four downs, but if the Redskin quarterback forgot, somebody would have to come to his rescue. No one had come to Johnson's, and waiting for the Attorney General to phone back he was using other lines in an attempt to find out what was in any copy of The World Almanac.
Jun 19, 2013 9:37 AM
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If he forgot that they were entitled to four more downs, something that should be extremely obvious, someone would have to remind him. The quarterback is the leader of the team and he lets the other players know what play they will execute so they know how to position themselves and where to run. Usually the coaching staff tells him the play or gives him a selection of plays to choose from, or if he is very experienced, they leave it up to him to decide what play they will use.
June 19, 2013
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