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about 好了 别人问我吃饭了没,我回答:我吃好了。I ate it and I have eaten it. 哪个表述是正确的
Jun 19, 2013 11:27 AM
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I ate it = past simple I have eaten it = present perfect We use both tenses to talk about past events and actions - the difference is that when we use the past simple, we are talking about a completed or finished action in the past, we can use a past time expression when using past simple - eg., I ate fish for dinner yesterday. When we use present perfect we are speaking in general - we are not speaking about a specific time in the past - we do not use past time expressions with present perfect - eg., I have eaten it - sometime in the past I ate it but it's not important to say when. Conversations often start with present perfect and then move into past simple when the speakers wants more information. example:a) Have you ever eaten salmon? b) Yes I have eaten it once before but I didn't like it. a) Oh, really, when did you eat it? b) It was about a year ago, I was on holiday. Notice how the dialogue begins with a general question and then moves into past simple when the speaker asks for specific details. I hope this helps :D
June 19, 2013
用第二个更合适 I ate it 强调我曾经吃过,与现在关联不大。可以是昨天吃过,也可以是去年吃过。 I have eaten it 侧重 我已经吃过,回答了别人问题,表示与现在有联系,已经吃过了
June 19, 2013
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