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Does the banner ad appeal to you? I saw a banner ad of one elecronic company at the stadium of the Confederarion cup. It says 'make.believe'. This sounds to me like 'pretend/fictional/phony', most of which have negative connotation. would you use this for your company? As the company PR says, the dot between the two words combine 'your believe' and 'our make'. Now, does the dot mitigate the phrase that much?
19 juin 2013 12:16
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It sounds strange to me. Can you find an example of this banner on line? ' Make believe' is used to appeal to people to use their imagination.
19 juin 2013
Well depending on the context it seems like it's playing with the phrase "make believe"(meaning "to pretend") and possibly "to make something you believe in" It's a bit of a stretch but yeah it seems like they're not using the phrase straight because of that period. The period, to me at least, seems like it implies that making and believing are two separate things being combined. This is not something intrinsic to a period though and requires a bit of interpretation. In any case "pretend," "fictional," and "phony" are not really the same. Only "phony" is negative, the others are neutral, and I don't think "make believe" is negative either. To me it is also neutral.
24 juillet 2013
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