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Modern Hebrew: Help to interpret song lyrics please Hey all! I have a few questions about a pop song with a very catchy tune for Pride 2013 sung by Omer Adam. רג'אל Guy/man? This is an Arabic word, isn't it, originally? עושים לי היי-היי בלילה וואי-וואי They say hello (hi! hi!) or wave hi!? And the wai wai? Does that mean like Oh, my! There is another expression Wai li? Is that similar in meaning? וסחטן על תל אביב This sachten must have a slang meaning, because blackmail doesn't make any sense in the context, does it? Thanks.
Jun 19, 2013 12:54 PM
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עושים לי - doing to me a casual (arguably lazy) catch-all verb. i's guess it means waving, but it can be interpreted as both (not a huge difference in this case). וואי-וואי-וואי expresses excitement/astonishment - "omg" וואי לי - [as above] (to) me. usually (but not always) carries a negative undertone / oh, woe is me. סחתן - arab expression. in hebrew means Kudos / "well done". (might have a different meaning in arab) רג'אל - never heard it before. guess it's lgbt slang.
June 19, 2013
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