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please. Replace complex sentences with simple volume of the "nominative with the infinitive" Замените сложные предложения простыми при помощи оборота «именительный падеж с инфинитивом» и переведите. 1. It is believed that they own a lot of land in the north. 2. It was thought that two prisoners had escaped. 3. It is supposed that he was married several times. 4. It seems that Ann likes Jack. 5. It happened that he had regulated the central heating. 6. It is likely that he will marry her.
Jun 19, 2013 6:25 PM
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I think what you are asking is this: They own a lot of land in the north. Two prisoners have escaped. He has been married several times. Ann seemingly likes Jack. He was regulating the central heating. He is going to marry her Is that what you are looking for?
June 19, 2013
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