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She worships the sun and accordingly she always spends her holidays in Greece. Note: This is rather a minor question about how we connect two sentences. I find the sentence above strange so I looked up the word “accordingly” in the dictionary. It turns out that when used as sentence adverb, it can join two independent sentences in a way similar to “so.” Do you think the sentence is better if it is written as “She worships the sun. Accordingly she always spends her holidays in Greece” or “She worships the sun. So she always spends her holidays in Greece”? I guess my question is whether it is consider good English to use “and accordingly”. Thanks!Correction: **whether it is considered**I am wondering if people would think "and accordingly" slightly redundant since "accordingly" by itself should do the trick.
Jun 20, 2013 1:43 AM
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This is a great question - and one that is in essence about style. Unfortunately, when it comes to style, reasonable people can disagree. What some people find to be beautiful poetry, others may consider doggerel. I personally would not use this construction as my first choice. However, the thing about style is that it is so context-specific. Something that sounds odd when said in isolation may sound poetic and beautiful depending on what precedes and follows the sentence. For example, if a writer has already used "so" and "therefore" multiple times in a piece of writing, by using "and accordingly" for a change, he gives his prose some welcome variation. I would say that the sentence is perfectly grammatical, but whether or not it is in good style (1) depends on the reader and (2) on the context in which the sentence is found.
June 20, 2013
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