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what does "with qualifications"mean? According to the President's subsequent statement to the Warren Commission, Kennedy advised him "that the oath should be administered to me immediately, before taking off for Washington, and that it should be administered by a judicial officer of the United States." Young- blood's memory is foggy. He tends to support his superior, with qualifications, but he explains—quite reasonably—that he only heard one voice. Kennedy, who was on the other end, does not remember recommending an immediate ceremony, and it should be noted that such a recommendation would have been inconsistent with his mood. It is his recollection—and that of Ed Guthman, who was with him—that he said, "Anybody can swear y0ll in. Maybe you'd like to have one of the judges down there whom y0u appointed. Any one of them can do it."
Jun 20, 2013 6:00 AM
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"With qualifications" is a statement that limits or restricts some claim. Youngblood was with Johnson when Johnson called Robert Kennedy on the phone to discuss when he (Johnson) should take the oath of office. Youngblood supported Johnson's claim that Robert Kennedy agreed that he (Johnson) should take the oath immediately in Texas. Although later, when questioned by Manchester about the phone call,, Youngblood continued to support Johnson's(his superior) statement that Robert Kennedy agreed that Johnson should immediately take the oath of office in Texas, he (Youngblood) added the qualification (a limit to his knowledge of what Kennedy actually said during the call) that he only heard Johnson's side of the phone conversation (he was only in the room with Johnson, we wasn't listening on the phone line).
June 22, 2013
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