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what does "slew in the criminal hope"mean? The flight and arrest of Lee Oswald must be seen in context, which is asking a lot. The mind instinctively rejects any connection between him and the nation's martyred Chief Executive. One feels that he slew in the criminal hope that reflected glory from the Kennedy nimbus might brighten his own anonymity—"Everybody will know who I am now," he told a police captain after he had been caught—and justice demands that while the deed cannot be undone the spoils should be destroyed. He shot the President of the United States in the back to attract attention. Noticing him, and even printing his name in history books, therefore seems obscene. It is an outrage. He is an outrage. We want him Out.
20 июня 2013 г., 14:50
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He killed(slew, past tense of slay) JFK hoping that because JFK was so famous, he would also become famous.
20 июня 2013 г.
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