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Акщь subtitles Dialogue: - Sorry for your loss. - More of a loss for you than me. Why in the second sentence before "loss" stands "of" ???!!!! If means the following: "It is more your loss, than mine" It blows up my mind!
20 juin 2013 16:16
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"More of a X..." is used to make comparisons. It also has a nice indirectness about it, which allows the speakers to talk a little more objectively. Note: "It blows up my mind" actually doesn't make much sense. It makes me the mind is expanding like a balloon. The closest natural phrase is "it blows my mind", which expresses amazement. I think, based on the context, you meant to write, "it does my head in" or "it makes my brain melt".
20 juin 2013
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6 mai 2014
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