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I'm confiused :) I just won't do... , I won't just do... . and I myself make ... , I make ... myself.
20 يونيو 2013 18:01
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"I just won't do..." Here, "just" means "simply". This is an absolute statement. "I won't just do..." Here, "just" means "only". This means you'll do something else as well. "I myself make..." Here, you (and only you) make something. "I make... myself." Here, the meaning is "without any help".
20 يونيو 2013
سلام ، من دانشجوي دكتري حسابداري هستم و در حال آموزش زبان اينگليسي ، خوشحال ميشم با هم آشنا بشيم
6 أبريل 2015
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