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Baron Jon
用动词“有没有”表示比较 hello, can you help me understand this please? I get the general mean of these types of sentences, but was hoping to get a better understanding of the difference difference between 这么 and 那么 when I use this pattern. 我没有你说的那么漂亮 and 妹妹有没有姐姐这么高?
Jun 20, 2013 10:23 PM
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As I see it ,there is no difference.They are synonymous.I am not sure but I think in English "this"and "that"preceding adjectives also almost mean the same thing----"so".similarly ,in Chinese "这么"and“那么”are both to add a extent to adjectives。The only context I can think of when they are contrasted would be when they appear in the same sentence to diverge two things,like“别那么做,这么做”----“Don't do it like that,do it like this”,or”他没有那么高,而只有这么高“----”He is not that tall ,but only this tall。“Did I make it clear?
June 20, 2013
typical Chinese speech pattern in English you say "i'm not as " but in Chinese you say "i don't have" 我 没有 你 说的 那么 漂亮 = i don't have so beautiful as you said (i'm not as beautiful as you said) 妹妹 有没有 姐姐 这么 高? = does little sister have as tall as big sister? (is little sister as tall as big sister?)
June 26, 2013
我没有你说的这么漂亮? ok 妹妹有没有姐姐那么高? ok
June 21, 2013
我觉得看情况判定的,生活中看久了就自然习惯怎么说。 懂意思后,随你想用的方式使用。
June 21, 2013
Baron Jon
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