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Sophia Adler
Difference between USED TO and WOULD Who can explain me the MAIN difference between used to and would and when it's possible to use "would" insteаd of "used to"? I know that we use "used to" to refer to past habits or states. It's clear that in such cases "used to" can be replaced by past simple and this won't change the meaning. Moreover we can't use "used to" to talk about the actions that happened at definite time. BUT What are the conditions of using "would"?!
Jun 21, 2013 1:39 PM
Answers · 9
Would 1. Can be used instead of "used to" when describing past habits. In such cases, there are no changes in meaning. I used to eat at that restaurant all the time when I was young. I would eat at that restaurant all the when I was young. I am not sure about some of your description of using "used to." a. I ate at that restaurant all the time when I was young. DOES have a certain change in emphasis, if not in meaning. b. I used to (or: would) eat there at 6pm. THIS contains definite time. 2. Used in so-called 2nd conditional sentences: If I studied harder, I would make better grades. 3. There are many other uses of "would" in English, but you asked for the main ones.
June 21, 2013
"Would" is used to emphasize that you did something multiple times in the past, usually related to some event. "When we visited Grandma, we would always enjoy her special cake." "Used to" is used in the same time sense, but emphasizes more the fact that you don't do it any more and is not tied to some event. "I used to ski when I was younger."
June 21, 2013
Sophia Adler
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