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¿Could you tell me a good way to learn korean which has good results please? I need to know a way to learn Korean with good results. I've been studying korean for 10 months, but although I really try it, I feel I can't do anything well... I can see so many people who have learned Korean, English, Spanish and so on really well. They can speak with good pronunciation, talk and understand, and the most incredible is they could do it studying by themselves in only 3 months. I feel like I fail in everything about my Korean learning, but I really want to speak Korean fluently, because within 2 years I'll go to Korea for living there definitively and forever. And I know I'll learn very good in there, but it's something that I want to start now, because it's so important for me. I need help please. Thank youy very much to everything for your comments and for your time.
Jun 21, 2013 11:07 PM
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Hi. I am not very fluent in Korean and I am Korean myself. It usually helps to just live in a country and have to be forced to speak in Korean. But in your case, I would suggest "everything Korean." By this I mean, try to read Korean all the time, listen to Korean music, and even try to make Korean friends and ask them to help you. Good luck!
June 21, 2013
What really help me learn Korean is this man ( BusyAtom ) in youtube n he has twitter too ( @KoreanHelp ) and this is also his website ( ) ... his videos are very useful especially for traveling :D Stay safe and work hard .. hope you like living in Korea *-*
June 21, 2013
"Talk to me in Korean" i think it's the best for you ^^
June 21, 2013
I've been studying Korean for around 10 months actively now too and it was hard for me to progress until I started sitting down at least once a week and studying the grammar, usually through a book. I try to to keep a binder full of Korean notes from those websites as well as a little note on my phone of assorted Korean vocab from around a year ago. If you're one of those people who learns better from rewriting things in your own words, then definitely take notes! I would forget everything I learned if I didn't write it down and try to make sense of it myself. The main book I learn from is called Basic Korean: A Grammar and Workbook by Andrew Byon. I'm on Unit 18 of 25 and I loooove it. As said in the title, it teaches you the main grammar points of Korean as well as a bit of vocab at the end of every chapter. In my opinion, it does a really good job explaining everything and in the 4 months I've been taking notes on it I can really tell my Korean has expanded a lot. Also don't stress as much about not learning as quickly as others. Everyone learns languages at a different speed and that's okay! Sorry for super long response and good luck~
June 22, 2013
Thank youy very much to everyone for your comments and for your time.
June 21, 2013
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