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B. Dee
Help me translate this in English please? 생일을 챙기는 편이 아니라...ㅜ The only thing I can understand is "생일을" which means birthday and "편이" which means comfortable? ㅋㅋ I hope you guys! Could help me, thank you!
2013年6月21日 23:43
Answers · 2
(I am/Someone is ) not a type of person who takes good care of (my/someone's) birthday events. :)
챙기다 has several meanings but most of all it means to "take care of","pay attention to","pick up and collect". Here it means "tend to someone's birthday i.e. not forgetting their big days and devote one's time and energy to it. 편이 does not mean comfortable... it is a noun here. 편 means "side, tendency"... 편이 아니라 means "one does not have tendency to". to link it all up, it will roughly say "(s)he doesn't tend to pay much attention to birthday event."
B. Dee
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