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How popular is dying hair in the US? My girlfriend is from the US, she is 22 years old and she dyes her hair in almost the same color as her natural one. Recently she started to dye back head black and front head blonde. I like her natural color and I hate this new "black-and-blonde" thing. Also for me dyed hair is a symbol of being old enough to start hiding gray hair that way. She tells me that in the US young people dye their hair because then it either shines differently or something. And if she stops doing it she will look ugly. Is it really true? Do young people do it often? I also don't mind to hear how situation is in other countries, I'm interested. Please, don't judge me for asking this question here. I just want to understand facts.
Jun 22, 2013 5:29 AM
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Yes, we like to dye our hair. Usually it's just for fun to change up our style a bit. Some people do go gray young and they want to hide it, but it doesn't have to be just to hide the gray. It's just a fun cosmetic thing. (Like makeup or fun clothes) She might be a little self-conscious if she thinks she would be unattractive without dying her hair. Just make sure she knows you think she's beautiful no matter what!
June 22, 2013
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