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Final homework. Can you edit this report for me? help me Finally, the differences between religions are Perhaps this will be the most obvious difference.Ewha Girls' High School is a Christian school founded by the missionaries. However, students to believe in Christianity does not impose. Taps for an hour once a week to worship. Singing and dancing and watch the video is very fun. It is a very good time for all students. On the other hand, Kangwon University does not have a distinct religion. Kangwon has the free atmosphere for religion. In sum, they have different features, but I love to have all of the two schools. Ewha Girls' High School which has produced so much great man. But, Kangwon National University is not yet seem to be foreseeable. Both schools are proud to have many pride. Whenever I miss high school experience at the University of memories now look forward. Different places, different history, different societies have different religions, but both places have good characteristics of each.
Jun 22, 2013 6:11 AM
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The differences between Ewha Girls High School and Kangwon University are very apparent. Ewha Girls High School is a Christian school founded by missionaries. While Kangwon University has no religious affiliation. Ewha has a distinct culture that values worship and community gatherings which involve singing, dancing, watching movies, and other fun activities. Kangwon’s culture is a very open and accepting one with no specific activities revolving around religious rituals. In the end, they have different features that make them unique, and I love that they both exist. Looking back on Ewha, I see that that school has produced many great people and I can only wait to see what Kangwon will do for me. Both schools have a large sense of pride, and I am proud to have been a part of both institutions. Both schools have their own locations, histories, societies, and religions. Overall, the both have their own good characteristics.
June 22, 2013
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