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Aiutami per favore Are there equivalent expressions of the following in Italian please? I beg to differ ( "I'm going to beat you!!" "I beg to differ!!" ) We'll see about that ( "I'm going to beat you!!" "Hmph, we'll see about that..." ) Tell me about it ( "This is so boring!!" "Ugh tell me about it!!" ) You're telling me ( "This is so boring!!" "You're telling me...") Just saying ( "You had better do your homework!!" "I always do it!!" "Okay.. just saying" ) Time flies when you're having fun Are you having a laugh/taking the p*ss? Great minds think alike
23 de Jun de 2013 às 02:23
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I have a few, not all: I beg to differ = mi permetto di dissentire (not used as much as the English expression though) We'll see about that = la vedremo ... Tell me about it = a chi lo dici You're telling me = a chi lo dici Just saying = (lo dicevo/era/ si diceva) tanto per dire Time flies when you're having fun = il tempo vola quando si sta bene Are you having a laugh/taking the p*ss? = me la rido
23 de Junho de 2013
I beg to differ = mi permetta di dissentire. I'm going to beat you! = sto per picchiarti! I beg to differ!!= mi permetta di dissentire! We'll see about that= poi vedremo I'm going to beat you!!= (2nd way) ti meno! Hmph, we'll see about that= (2nd way) mmmm, si vedrà. Tell me about it= raccontami This is so boring!= è davvero noioso! Ugh tell me about it!!= (2nd way) dai dimmelo! You're telling me= mi stai dicendo che This is so boring!!= (2nd way) che barba! You're telling me...= (2nd way) allora dici che... Just saying= tanto per dire. You had better do your homework!!= Meglio per te se hai fatto i compiti! I always do it!!= li faccio sempre! Okay.. just saying= va bene, stavo solo chiedendo. Time flies when you're having fun= il tempo vola quando ci si diverte. Are you having a laugh/taking the p*ss?= ti stai facendo le meglio risate? / ti stai incazzando? Great minds think alike= Le menti brillanti la pensano allo stesso modo.
23 de Junho de 2013
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