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Ryan Cho
What is this meaning? Q) Edelman found that users exposed to the “paid advertisement” label clicked on 25 to 33% fewer advertisements than the control group which saw “Sponsored Links.” -> So... this meaning is that user clicked sponsored links? more than "No sponsored links?" -> e.g Sponsored links 10,000 clicked by users -> No sponsored links 1,500 clicked by users or -> e.g Sponsored links 1,500 clicked by users -> No sponsored links 10,000 clicked by users One more thing I have a question, do you click sponsored links usually?
Jun 23, 2013 7:03 AM
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A sponsored link is the same thing as a paid advertisement. The meaning is that users are less likely to click a link if it is labelled 'paid advertisement' than if it labelled 'sponsored link'. The implication is that, if you want users to click links, it is better to call them 'sponsored links' than 'paid advertisements'. Personally I rarely click sponsored links ;)
June 23, 2013
It seems that not only people click on sponsored links, but there are enough of them to feedback a whole research! That is surpising! Personally, I don't click on sponsored links, though. Except maybe one or two times, when it was done by accident :P
June 23, 2013
Ryan Cho
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