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what does "G.S. classification"mean?does it mean"Government Service"? In the lull that had followed, President Kennedy s wife sat outside Trauma Room No. 1 in unique isolation. An hour ago she had been America's First Lady, encompassed by panoply and special privilege, all of which had vanished in the speed of a full-jacketed cartridge: Officially she no longer existed. Every other member of the Presidential party had retained his title and gauds of power. Her own secretaries were still White House secretaries, but she herself was a widow, and the government had no G.S. classification for that. Everything that she had been had stemmed from John Kennedy's position.
Jun 23, 2013 8:11 AM
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I am pretty sure that it means "General Schedule". It is a way of ranking and classifying certain government jobs. They are titled GS-(a number goes here), and that allows information about the type of job, difficulty, and pay the person receives for such a job. However, this passage casually brushes by the depth of what a GS job is, and refers to the position Mrs. Kennedy is in after her husband dies. She doesn't have a job like the secretaries have a job, and the secretaries are given a GS title for their jobs. So, the passage was saying that there was no GS title for a widow.
June 23, 2013
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