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what should i do this time? It's a little problem, but i think it is necessary to deal with. There is a courier at my uni, the boss knows i'm a student ,but i'm not living at uni.So every time my parcel has come, he asks me to come to uni, and take it to my home by myself, he lies to me he has no duty to send it to my home ! But as far as i know , it is not true ! He will send parcels to my neighborhood ! Just don't send it to me ! And this time , my parcel has arrived his shop over 3 days , he hasn't tell me ! And i called him ,his altitude is very bad ! I don't know what should i do now , i really don't think i'm wrong !
23 giu 2013 09:14
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I think you should make a complaint to the courier company that he works for. If he doesn't work properly, he shouldn't work! I hope you can sort it out soon.:)
23 giugno 2013
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