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英知 = てるあき? One of my penpals told me their name is てるあき. When I asked how to write it in kanji, he told me it's 英知 , but I can't find any readings in my dictionary for these kanji that would make it てるあき... I don't want to be rude to my penpal, so I thought I'd ask you guys :) Do the kanji really make up that name?
Jun 23, 2013 9:28 AM
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Kanji characters that can be used for a person's name are regulated by a law, but their readings are not. That means parents can name (call) their child in whatever reading they want. The reading としあき for 英知 is not very common and even many native speakers might find difficult to read that way, but it is possible. My dictionary shows some of typical name-readings often used for each of those characters: 【英】あきら・あや・すぐる・たけし・つね・てる・とし・はな・はなぶさ・ひで・ひでる・ひら・ふき・ふさ・ぶさ・よし 【知】あき・あきら・おき・かず・さと・さとし・さとる・し・しり・しる・ちか・つぐ・とし・とも・のり・はる
June 23, 2013
はい、だいじょうぶです。これは「当て字(あてじ)」です。たとえば、Nederlandは日本語で「オランダ」ですが、漢字では「和蘭」と書きます。Espanaは日本語で「スペイン」、漢字で「西班牙」です。ですから、名前の「英知」を「てるあき」としてもいいです。 Ebiさんの名前を漢字で書くと、「海老」とか「蝦」ですが、「絵美(えび)」や「和蘭一美女」と書いて「えび」としてもいいです。
June 23, 2013
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