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Korean "to want to do V" - "고파" instead of "고 싶어"? Hey italki friends! :) Recently I heard the Korean phrase "고파" increasingly often. I read somewhere that this is a casual way to say "I want to..." like using "고 싶어". Could you maybe explain me if it means excactly the same? So "I want to eat" would be "먹고파"? Another question...I saw a Facebook post of a Korean friend who wrote "바다 보곱파" ...why does she say "보곱파" and not "보고파"? Is this dialect? Thanks for clearing that form up for me!!
Jun 23, 2013 2:02 PM
Answers · 2
exactly the same and 보곱파 is not a dialect. 보고파 is obviously correct. I think your friend just spoke cutely :D Here are some examples. ex) 점심 먹고파(I want to have lunch.), 집에 가고파(I want to go home.), 음악 듣고파(I want to listen to music.)
June 23, 2013
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