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what does "basket"mean? a basket to carry a body?!!! Jack Price was being cagey. He didn't want to show preference toward any mortician, and when Dr. Burkley requested his advice he stalled. "Well, you can get a casket from a military installation or a private home," he answered noncommittally. Burkley said, "We just want a casket or a basket—something you can carry a body out with." Steve Landregan passed by, and Clint Hill caught his arm. "We've got to get a casket," Clint told him. Price said to Steve, "Hold up; they haven't decided what they want yet." The President's physician was becoming impatient. "Just get us one as fast as you can," he said grittily. Still evasive, Price inquired, "What kind should I ask for?" Exasperated, Burkley said, "I don't give a damn! Just get one!" "Get one," Price echoed to Steve.
Jun 23, 2013 2:48 PM
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The story was talking about a casket, usually a big wooden box made to bury a dead person in, but the character from the story didn't care about a "casket" per se, he wanted anything that could carry a body in. Usually, when somebody passes away, they are put into a casket to be buried in. A casket is most preferred because it usually is expensive and designed to look nice. So when people honor the person who died, they usually want to put them into something nice like a casket. However, in the story, it seemed as if Burkley didn't care about having a nice casket, so anything large enough to carry a body in would be fine. Therefore, he asks for a "basket", or anything designed to carry things, yet large enough for a body. Hope this helps.
June 23, 2013
It just means basket. You can carry anything in a basket.
June 23, 2013
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