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Tran Minh Dat
Is "영화가 좋아요." has two meanings: "I like the film." and "The film is good."?
2013년 6월 24일 오전 6:18
Answers · 6
영화가 좋아요 means "I like movies." More precisely, 영화 보는 것 좋아해요 will sound more fluent, which is "I like watching movies." If you'd like to say "I like the movie," you should say 그 영화 좋아요. This is direct translation, but if you want to sound like a native speaker, you should consider saying 그 영화 재미있어요, which is "The movie is fun." Hope it helps :)
2013년 6월 24일
I like the film = 그 영화를 좋아해요. The film is good. = 그 영화는 좋아요. (나는) 영화가 좋아요 = I prefer films 영화를 좋아해요 = I like films
2013년 6월 24일
Thanks so much.
2013년 6월 25일
I think so. 영화가 좋아요. can mean 'I like the film', I enjoy watching films (generally), (This) film is good (after watching a film).
2013년 6월 25일
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