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Please! Anyboby...explain me construction of this sentence :( 어릴 적 기억나는 별명 없나요 Does this sentence translated like "I remember your childhood nick name, don't you?"? Am I right? I don't understand strukture of sentence: 1- Why: 기억 + 나는 ? What does this strukture make? and mean? When can I use this form and how? :( 2- 없나요 mean "doesn't it"? 3- 어릴 적.... 어릴 mean childhood, but what is it 적? What does it mean? Please, help me!!!! :) Thank you!!!
Jun 24, 2013 7:46 AM
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Thank you very much!!!!!!:)
June 25, 2013
Think about the difference between 'to recall' and 'to remember'. 기억하다, 기억나다 are quite similar but a little bit different, like them. You can say, '어릴 적 기억나는 별명 없나요? 어릴 적 별명중 기억하는 것 있나요? 기억하는 어릴 적 별명 있나요? But 어릴 적 기억하는 별명...the nickname which you can remember when you were a child...
June 25, 2013
Oh!!!! Thank you so much!!! I se...I have a mistake... I thought this word is 기억하다, but now I se... is this 기억나다? Am I right? But, please...1 more thing... can you explain the different between 기억하다 and 기억나다 ? Or...can I use in this sentence 기억하다 ? :)
June 24, 2013
in korean , just like in english there is a need to describe detailed information about a subject or an object. In english we do it with a clause (whom, which, who, that + whatever information you supply in the clause). In korean it is done with a modifying structure you have pointed out. That portion in (1) means "the nickname that I could remember"--> the verb + 는 + noun. (2) comes from 없다 which is "It does not exist" with 나요 it is probably posed as an interrogation (not necessarily direct to a third person. could be a self-interrogative style)--> does it not exist? (3) 적 is similar to 때 which means "the time when"
June 24, 2013
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