what does it mean? Burkley suggested that Rose come along on the plane. Rose shook his head; the law made no provision for such a trip. Ted Clifton remembered that he had talked to Attorney General Waggoner Carr of Texas on Aircraft 26000 during the flight to Dallas from Fort Worth, and he asked that he be paged over the PA system. The page was broadcast. Carr did not materialize. Although the party which had landed at Love Field less than three hours earlier had included virtually every Texan of rank, all of them had dispersed or headed for Love Field except the Governor, who was in surgery (and who, when he heard of Rose's position ten months later, found it astonishing). 】 what does "did not materialize"mean?
Jun 25, 2013 3:38 AM
Answers · 3
To appear in bodily form. He was called over the PA, but didnt show up.
June 25, 2013
thank you so much!
June 25, 2013
In this context it refers to the paging or "calling over the loudspeaker" of Attorney Carr. He was paged but he failed to appear, to materialise. He did not show up at the counter when he was called over the loudspeaker. I hope that helped you Regards Darren
June 25, 2013
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