what does "side opened with mean?" "support openly?" Although the party which had landed at Love Field less than three hours earlier had included virtually every Texan of rank, all of them had dispersed or headed for Love Field except the Governor, who was in surgery (and who, when he heard of Rose's position ten months later, found it astonishing). In retrospect the furor that the medical examiner raised seems remarkable. He was a man of authority, but there ought to have been some way of diverting him. His strength was largely a strength of will. He was firm; while other Texans floundered or shrank from responsibility, he knew exactly what he wanted. The only Parkland doctor to side openly with the dead Chief Executive's staff was Kemp Clark. "Jack, is there a JP in the building?" he asked Price. "Earl Rose has raised the question." Clark explained the dilemma and added "For God's sake find someone—I'm trying to calm them down."
Jun 25, 2013 5:20 AM
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Yes you are exactly right, to support openly
June 25, 2013
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