熄火 是什么?
Jun 25, 2013 2:28 PM
Answers · 10
Just to make sure, I looked up the word "misfire" in my dictionary. It doesn't mean 熄火. 熄火 is typically used to an engine. 引擎熄火 = an engine stall
June 25, 2013
ancient chinese,in ancient,china havnt electricity,so people use candle or oil,u konw "火",and '熄'mean ,put the fire down,Now this word can be used as car engine shut down, etc.,
June 27, 2013
the best answer is the engine cease fire ...(or some other equipments have engine inside )
June 26, 2013
1 將火熄滅。 如:「營火晚會後,務必記得熄火,以策安全。」 2 機動車輛的引擎停止運轉。 如:「這輛老爺車,一旦熄火,要想再發動,可就比登天還難囉!」
June 25, 2013
It means "misfire." 车子的引擎熄火了。The car's engine misfired/cut out.
June 25, 2013
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