Question about -네(요) I know that this ending indicates a surprise. When you say it, it means that you impressed or surprised by smth. But there's one thing I can't understand according to this rule. Several times I heard that a person said smth like this: 나 졸리네 What does 네 indicate in this situation? I'm in a doubt about it. I don't think it means like "Oh my, (I've just realized) I'm sleppy."
Jun 25, 2013 6:14 PM
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Your understanding about -네 is not wrong but it can be used without any particular meaning in it. -네 is used to speak casually to speak to oneself. Even if it is used to mean a surprise, not a strong but a casual and the subtle nuance is noticeable only by native speakers. You are advised to use -네 whenever you want to speak to yourself. (instead of -다) 1) 오늘 참 춥네. (=춥다) 2) 좀 춥네. (춥다) 3) 노래 정말 잘하네! (잘한다) 4) 집이 참 넓네. (넓다)
June 25, 2013
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