talking linebackers, defensive ends, etc, John grisham's "The Summons": 1. It's a diet pill. It's not for the woman who needs to drop twenty pounds, but it does wonders for the really obese, talking linebackers, defensive ends. question: talking linebackers, defensive ends 2. A phone conversation as follows: Harry Rex: "I've spent the last hour talking to him and some nurse at Baptist Hospital in Memphis. they've got him there, I think with a broken nose." Ray: "Back up, Harry Rex" question: what does "back up" mean here? 3. I'm leaving from general aviation in a white Beech Bonanza, tail number eight-one-five-romeo, at three P.M, with a flight instructor. question: romeo thank you for your help and your time,
Jun 26, 2013 8:50 AM
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1. This is comparing overweight women to the football players who are particularly large. 2. "Back up" means that Harry left details out of the story that Ray wants to hear. Harry talked about being at a hospital with someone who has a broken nose. Rex is probably confused about why the nose is broken and wants Ray to tell more of the story of what happened before getting to the hospital. "Back up" can also be used in a physical sense if someone needs to move backward from where they are standing. 3. Romeo is the military word for the letter R. When you say letters over a radio, they are often confusing since many of them rhyme. (B, C, D, E, P, T, etc.) So, every letter has a word that goes with it. Instead of saying the letter, people will say the word so there is no confusion. Here, the number of the plane this man is in is 815R.
June 26, 2013
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