It gives me _____ to introduce our today’s speaker, Professor Binkowski. A. great pleasure B. a great pleasure Note: I just checked the dictionary and found that pleasure is usually an uncountable noun. But my choice is still B because I think I’ve heard “it’s a please” before. Do you also think the answer is B?
Jun 26, 2013 9:51 AM
Answers · 9
Hi NoAgneda, if I was to write that sentence I would definitely use A., but if you are speaking, you can get away with using B. too. 'It's a please' is rather colloquial, so I wouldn't recommend it in written English ^^ Regards, airabeth
June 26, 2013
Something can be a great pleasure, however when pleasure is given or otherwise referred to it is always uncountable.
June 26, 2013
A) great pleasure You could say "it is a great pleasure to..."
June 26, 2013
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