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I wish to become fluent in German within five years so I can move to Germany. Any tips? Please? I have been studying German for seven months now individually with only a few free programs I discovered online, but mainly I've been studying with the help of books in which the local library and my college library have. I'm fairly decent as of now, considering everything I know I taught myself. I do not want to live in America my entire life and plan to move to either Munich or Berlin as soon as possible. It'd be a mistake to do so without being fluent in German. If anyone is willing to share any websites they know of, or even tutor me one-on-one via this website or any other means of online communication, I would appreciate it greatly. I can also assist whomever with English, if you'd like. Also, if any German natives would like to give any suggestions about living in Germany ( as in what is essential to know if you were to live there), I would very much appreciate that as well. Thank you, even if you are unable to help. Steven J. Shapaker of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in which is located in the midwest of the United States of America. Not much going on here, except the effects of global warming.
Jan 10, 2008 1:30 AM
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Okay, so I took one year German in the school, and then I went to Germany. I spoke next to no German, but I learned it really quickly. I think the best way to actually learn German, is to be in the country where they speak it fluently. After speaking German everyday at home, in school, when I went shopping, watching it on the TV, reading books in German, doing school work and writing papers in German, it is fairly easy and I understand almost all of it and can speak and reply rather well, but I still need practice. Why don't you go to Germany for a summer or something? Find a program, or ask some friends that you know in Germany if you can hang with them for a few weeks. See if you can maybe go to college in Germany for a year, or some type of schooling anyway. Ja, aber trotzdem alles Sie haben gelernt, es ist niemals genug. Sie brauchen zu üben tausand mal, bis Sie fehlen es ist Ihre Mutter Sprach, nicht nur eine Auslandische ein. Zum dass zu lernen, Sie müssen in Deutschland wohnen. Hopefully that was understandably correct.
January 13, 2008
Scheisse, it cut off my comment! sorry... ah well, I just realized I wrote a comment, when it should have been an answer, anyway...well, you get the info eventually, dont'cha? ;) To finish off what I was writing earlier, Also, try finding the websites from some German textbooks. We always used to use in the high school deutsch classes, and a good thing is that it's not always necessary to have the book (though it helps, since the material is related). A friend in Austria, who's really good at English, said he got good partly by reading a lot of English Wikipedia pages...go figure! =) You like writing, right? Try starting a blog on a German website. You should also definately try searching the 'net for German radio/television broadcasts...because it's one thing to be able to read a language, but quite another to be able to understand it spoken!)) Listen to deutsche radio at . And try Google searching something like "deutsche fernsehsendungen" to find tv programs. Viel Erfolg!))
January 10, 2008
Das ist nun mal so
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