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Let's go Dutch! What do you guys (and girls) think? When is it appropriate to go Dutch? Do you think a guy shouldn't go Dutch if he's romantically involved with the girl he's having dinner/lunch/etc. with?
11 янв. 2008 г., 1:41
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"When is it appropriate to go Dutch?" Is this Q about in a relationship? About the second Q: This is actually somewhat culturally related. Here in China, many guys would pay for girls (whether in a romantic relationship or just friends) even they actually don't really want to, since paying for girls shows that you're not a stingy guy. It's a tradition. Some girls would complain if their boyfriends would just go Dutch, others don't. So, it depends. In the U.S., asI learned, if a guy asks a girl out, he should pay. Who asks the part out, who pays. In North Europe, they usually go Dutch (due to the feminism). I personally prefer going Dutch. I have no problem with it, I would even pay for him.
11 января 2008 г.
在中国,一般情况下,在一起聚餐都会有人作东,不会AA制,因为聚餐都是有原因的,通常我们会说“我的地盘,我做主”;另外,如果聚餐不是为了某一个人,也不是专门由某一个人发起,或者事先商量好,对于花费较大的聚会,才会go dutch. 如果跟自己喜欢的女孩一起吃饭,那自然是我请客的。
11 января 2008 г.
11 января 2008 г.
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