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Is there an Italian dialect that is spoken ONLY outside Italy? Does Italian exists in the the previous colonies of Italy? If yes, does such Italian sound different than Italian in Italy?
Dec 6, 2007 5:25 PM
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There are two particoular situation that i know. In Brasil there is a community that speak a mixed venetian language-brasilian. In Mexico, in the little village of Chipilo there is another little community of heirs of venetian immigrants (from the city of Treviso) that speak a mixed venetian-spanish. I think there are a lot of situation like this in immigrants and heir of immigrants in the traditional sites of italian immigration in the end of 800 and in 900 (Brasil, Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia) In this case the sounds are very different and are the old form of italian dialects. It's important to say that until 1960 in Italy the people who really spoke italian was a minorance. In the previous colonies of Italy there are rare the situation where there are person that speak italian. Ethiopia was a colony only for 8 years. In Libia when Gheddafi conquested the power expelled the italian community (17000). In Somalia, who was a colony for 80 years there are some old person that speak italian but the long wars that there are in that country destroied every kind of school system and with this the remberance of italian colonization. I think that the sound of italian speak in the ex colonies is very similar to italian that is speaken in italy. A lot of Albanians speaks italian because during the communism they received the signal of italian tv...
December 12, 2007
hello, i know that in much place of the world (some part of africa, usa, argentina, australia) there are italian people of 3rd or 4rd generetion. their grand-parent were emigrant. so they often know a very old dialect that in italy is evolved with time in the sound and also in the writing. bye! :)
December 12, 2007
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