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I'm looking for some friends to converse with to improve my German ways and to learn some basic Spanish jawing. Don't need (or want:P) any fancy grammar here, just to have a chat and maybe we'll both learn s
Jan 12, 2008 6:35 PM
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Hej! Jag talar spanska ganska bra, jag är från Baskien :) Om du vill vi kan hjälpa varandra, för jag skulle vilja förbättra svenska. Vi hörs!
January 18, 2008
I'm interested in chatting with you in German or English, just contact me!
January 13, 2008
You can talk to me in German if you want to; I'm afraid I don't speak Spanish well enough to teach you ;)
January 12, 2008
Hi! We can talk in three languages if you want. I come from Spain, my english is not the worst on tne world and i learn german in this moment, well, is more a refreshing (?) cause i learned that long time ago. So, look for me! Bye!
January 23, 2008
I'm interested in chatting with you in German, because i'm learning it, i am from argentina add me on the msn see ya
January 20, 2008
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