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Can somebody give me a translation of this text into mandarin Chinese? What do you give a Prime Minister who wants nothing? The Indian government has been asking itself this for some time, ahead of Gordon Brown’s official visit later this month. The famously frugal Prime Minister would have little interest in any trinket. Presenting him with some casual clothing could be misinterpreted as an impolite sartorial hint. So after much deliberation, Delhi University has been ordered to award Mr Brown an honorary doctorate. The chosen subject: ‘academia and public services’.
Jan 27, 2014 6:23 PM
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你會給一位無所求的首相什麼東西?印度政府在本月下旬戈登 · 布朗正式訪問之前,已經自忖了好一段時間。這位一向以自奉儉樸而著稱的首相應該不會對小飾品有甚麼興趣。給錯了東西,正如給他一套便服,可能被誤解為就是暗示他穿著不得體。所以經過深思熟慮後,德里大學已經奉命授予戈登 · 布朗先生榮譽博士學位,學術領域是:「學術成就與公共服務」。 Prime Minister: 通常說 英國首相 日本首相 印度總理 新加坡總理
January 28, 2014
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