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is there a difference between "始めたということです" and "始めました" ? like when I say in this sentence : 昔は、電話をかける人は、「もしもし」ではなく、まず「おいおい」と相手に声をかけてから、話を始めたということです。 if I want to translate this sentence how can I see the difference ? another example : ”酒を飲むということになったんです” and "酒を飲むことになったんです" what this "ということ" can change ? and another question : in this sectence : ももともとは、電話の相手に「これから何か言いますよ」という意味で、「申します申します」と言っていました。 how can I translate "と言っていました" and the subject isn't in this sentence ??
Jan 27, 2014 9:18 PM
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I would guess 始めたということです is supposed to say '' It means they started talking on the phone by saying Oi Oi '' whereas the sentence with 始めました means '' They started talking on the phone by saying Oi Oi ''. And for the 2nd example, I'd personally use them both equally, but I think the 2nd one sounds more natural. For the last (second) question, the subject is '' they / people in general '' So the sentence means '' They used to say moushimasu moushimasu '' Sorry if this answer is not organized well. Hope this helps. ganbatte kudasai (^^)/
January 28, 2014
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