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Jonathan Giovanna
What does "ぬって" mean in this sentence? From the lyrics of a song: "きっと心のコンパスは躊躇いをぬって、本当の未来を示すよ。" I know all of the other words of this sentence, but I can't find a good meaning for "ぬって" that would actually make any kind of sense.
2014年1月29日 02:20
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I found in my dictionary that ぬう shows the motion of sewing with needles ,so the needle of compass goes like that.
Lyrics is usually made up of figurative meaning, and I think this case too. Because this lyrics says that the compass of the figurative heart sews. And an act of sewing is often related to surgery or operation done at the end of them, isn't it? So I think ぬう in this lyrics should be 'healing','curing', or ' taking care of' etc. And I think that 躊躇いshould be figurative sickness or mental trouble and 心のコンパス should be like a figurative doctor for the person. But I want to see entire lyrics of this song. By the way I like this lyrics, 太陽が逃げ出すまで遊んでいたい The band replaced 沈む(set) with 逃げ出す(run away) in the lyrics of 'sun sets'
ぬって = Sew
Comment by Akatuy is correct. I took a huge misunderstand. Sorry !
The others misunderstand about ぬう。 This word doesn't have any relations to sewing. This ぬう means 'to bypass or to detour' on the context.
Jonathan Giovanna
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