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interview Hello. Thank you for answering my questions. I am going to be interviewed by my expected supervisor. I want to tell him when I will be free. Are these sentences right: 1. It's my pleasure to have the interview 2. Would this Thursday (January 30, your time) or Friday work for you? (we are in different time zone, so I want to ask him if he is free on Thursday and Friday in his place) 3.The Thursday morning (9 a.m. to 12 a.m.) of your time may be better, which is my evening, because the network is better during the evening in my place. 4. Your time is 13 hours later than my time.
2014년 1월 29일 오전 6:50
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Here are some other suggestions. Your suggestions, as far as formality goes, were a little hit-and-miss. 1. I'm looking forward to the interview. 2. Would this Thursday, January 30 your time, or Friday the 31st be suitable for you? If the interviewer's Thursday is the same as yours, then "your time" isn't needed. 3.Thursday morning between 9 and 12 your time may be better, as it will be evening in my country and the network connection is more reliable then. Note: 12am is midnight. 12pm is midday. 4. My time zone is 13 hours ahead of yours. Your sentence was a little confusing - it sounded like the interviewer lives east of you, not west (according to time zones). I guess your interviewer is on the east coast of the US?
2014년 1월 29일
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