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How do you undertand this sentence ? Could you please tell me the meaning of this sentence: "Describe the place that you would like to visit" Is this the same meaning with " Describe the place that you like to go" If I say a bout the place that I would like to visit, what should I understand, that it is the place that I want to go but I haven't got any chance to come OR it is the place I have visited before ?
29 de ene de 2014 9:35
Answers · 3
Whether you have the chance to go or not, the question addresses which place you would like to visit.
29 de Enero de 2014
to visit = поехать и вернуться to go = уехать туда
29 de Enero de 2014
"like to visit" is a place you have never been to before "like to go" can have the same meaning as above "like to go" can also mean a place that have been to and want to see again
29 de Enero de 2014
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