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大为 David
Someone can help me, I want to get some verbs but with a slang use, if you know one, write it please
Jan 29, 2014 4:35 PM
Answers · 5
Here in New Zealand - we sometimes say 'sucked a/the kumara'. A kumara is a type of sweet potato, but to suck the kumara is to get hurt, or damaged, or broken. e.g. He tried to jump over that lip, but he fell and really sucked the kumara. or my bike fell off the car, and sucked a kumara when it hit that rock.
January 30, 2014
Just collecting them out of curiosity, or are you planning to use them? Slang differs between regions and groups, remember. In Australia we say "go walkabout" to mean that someone goes away somewhere (or even that something is stolen) an we don't know where he/she is. We assume they'll come back sometime.
January 29, 2014
thanks for the help!!! Nataly, thank you for the link!!! of course you too Usagi!!!
February 3, 2014
Here are some basic American slang verbs:
January 29, 2014
Here you can find a lot of slang words! Check it out.
January 29, 2014
大为 David
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